Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Beginning - Planning

Well, this is the start of something that will keep us both very busy for quite some time.

After many months of internet research and driving around we decided on a location, all that was left was to find the right block. On-line we liked the look of a block in the area, but as it was one of the largest we thought it would most likely be sold. To our amazement while Bill, our very helpful salesman was showing us the estate we came to the block we liked and it was still available. Back at the office after a run down on the estate pros and cons we made a decision to buy it. All this started in November 2009.

Its now April 2010 and we have spent several weekends clearing most of the weeds, small trees and also removed a couple of dead trees. With all the shrubs and growth gone we can now see the area we have to build on better.

We made a decision early on that we would owner build, after some time checking out local builders we were unable to find anything we liked that would suit the block and us. So we have drawn up our own plans.